About Our Members

Club Officers

Thomas Kee - Vice-Chancellor of Misinformation & Buttons
Kristi Artinian - Minister of Artistic Truth

Canon Regulars

Samuel Adams ♦ David Hywell Baynes ♦ Geoff Bullen ♦ Carl Danielsen ♦ Brennan Gallagher ♦ John Hardin ♦ Brandon Tyler Harris ♦ Miranda Kahn ♦ Cory Lawson ♦ Brian Keith MacDonald ♦ Michael Moreno ♦ Rebecca Odorisio ♦ Jeff Prewitt ♦ Rob Karma Robinson ♦ Neophytos Stratis ♦ Patrick Toon ♦ Gus Weinstein

We at the Heretic Club believe in challenging the audience perception of the theatre experience. And dragons. We also believe in dragons.